Are You a HERO?

The Poor 2 Glee Foundation

With today’s genus of The Invincible Iron-man, the Lightning power of Thor, and the strategy and selfless courage of the First Avenger Captain America. We can find it difficult to see ourselves as anything more than just a weak insignificant human being.

What if there was a way that you could be a Real HERO to someone? What if you could see a life, improve and even come into a position to raise themselves and their family out of poverty and someday be a HERO to someone else? Essentially paying it forward.

The Poor 2 Glee Foundation (P2G Found) that go to help teach youth and adults financial education. We train How to Create a Business and to Invest the profits in Stocks and Real Estate to Build Wealth.

Our youth will get a grant starting at $1,000 when they graduate from our program. These funds are to help give them with the start up capital for their business, investment portfolio, or to pay for college. Those grants and come from the remaining net proceeds. We stand by our “HERO” statement. We train and coach our students [youth and adults alike] check out one of our live projects…

Luv-A-Bull Wear

Have You ever wanted to be a Hero when you where a kid? When I was growing up I always wanted to be a Super Hero, but there was nothing SUPER about me. Yet today, that does not stop me from being a Hero and you could be one too, here’s how. Let’s start from the beginning and be transparent about us and other retail companies. You can be a TRUE HERO to K9 and human kind alike.


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