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For less than $1 per day, you can help change the life of a youth, their family, and helping them pay for college and move above the poverty line. Ending Poverty Forever!Learn More


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Their Future is in Your Hands

Today’s Educational System has had so many budget cuts to the arts, and sports programs, that our youth get stuck in just FaceBook, Instagram, and Youtube. We are here to change what they watch on these social networks and video sites that can actually better their lives and that of their families.

It is our mission to help families and youth living below the poverty line to educate themselves in “How to Think and Grow Rich” as Napoleon Hill so boldly wrote about. We educate the Youth of Today to become the Leaders of tomorrow.

Who would you much rather have run our country a Reality Show, gum chewing, high school drop out or a kid who learned how to grow from the bad side of town built a few businesses that donate millions to End Poverty. A person who paid their way through college with hard work and determination to not let the next generation know their struggles.

We can only do this with your help. The Poor 2 Glee Foundation offers a Better than Free Way to Support our Youth. If you refer up to 3 People who do also Join at the Support Partner Level. We will send you back 33.334% of your monthly investment. Once we get three referrals, then your Monthly Support is Credited back (per PayPal) 100% every month. Essentially you are helping at no cost to you. The Better than Free Part is that You still get the Benefit of knowing (though our Blog Updates) How your Support is helping. For less than $1 per day, you can change the world for youth and their family today.

Why Do we offer a Referral credit? It’s because the issue that plagues most NPO’s (Non-Profit Organizations) is consistent support from their donors. When times get hard and expenses need to be cut, monthly NPO Support is the first thing to go. We do not want you to have to make that painstaking choice, ever. So, we came up with this solution. For your benefit and that of the youth.