Leadership as a Service! (Updated)

Leadership is not about people serving you, it's about you serving the people. This message goes out to those who are in leadership today and think differently.


Mike A. Fagundes

7/18/20233 min read

Leadership As A Service!

man in gray sweater carrying woman in black jacket
man in gray sweater carrying woman in black jacket

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An Unlikely Leader from History

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody is perfect, and neither was one of my leadership heroes. Leadership doesn't come without its controversial topics. The spotlight of leadership can be blinding. Had a philosophy of leadership that I admire to this day. This man inspired another hero of mine, a young senator by the name of Abraham Lincoln to run for the presidency and fight to pass the emancipation proclamation. One of the controversial aspects of this leader is that even though he helped in the fight against slavery, he too did own slaves. Even though this man fought for peace during his presidency he lead the nation to The Mexican-American War.

Leadership is Controversial

Ok, if you haven't put it together already the controversial leader I speak of is none other than the 6th president of the United States of America, President John Quincy Adams.

This leader was not perfect, but neither will any of us be. But he did say,

  • "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - John Quincy Adams

Reluctant Leader Inspires Us to Dream

This leader also, after not winning his reelection for the presidency would be reelected term after term as a senator even when he at the age of 80 years old all he wanted to do was retire and spend time with his family. This leader would win his re-elections (that he didn't run nor campaign in) by write-in electoral votes. He served the people of his district so well, (again I address this controversially and imperfectly), but by enough votes to win re-election without even running.

  • "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

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Who Do You Serve?

Do you serve yourself, for pride, power, wealth, etc. or do you serve to help?

I am a Christian and Jesus was a leader and His principles are all about serving one another, and even your enemies. In His time the leaders of the day killed Him because of His teachings that would turn over their way of life, wealth, and power. He too is still to this day seen as a controversial leader because of His principles of how to Love one another and how it's interpreted in this day and age.

Give Your Life for the People

John Quincy Adams served in such a capacity that "The People" he served he even gave up his life for them. During recess, he stepped out into the hallway of a senate meeting, sat on a bench, and suffered a stroke collapsing on that bench and being taken into the Speaker's Room 2 days later died.

Serve The People

No matter who you are, to become a leader, you must serve the people. The late and Great Zig Ziglar always said, “You Can Have Everything in Life You Want if You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.” Zig, no matter what products or services he sold during his career he new that if he helped enough people get what they wanted, he could get everything he wanted in life. Rest In Peace Zig you, Jesus, and John Quincy Adams all served their people to be great leaders.

Who Will You Serve?

I have mentioned three (3) leaders in this short post about how they served their people. The real question here is, "Who will you serve?" Read these posts to start down the road to leadership. "How to Become a Future Leader?", and "The Types of Leadership" to help you discover what type of leader you are and the pros and cons of each style.

Are You Up for The Challenge?

If you are up to the challenge and willing to take on the responsibility of leadership.

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